Rabbit & Mole Control


Rabbit Control

Rabbits cause significant damage to crops and gardens every year. They are also capable of undermining roads, rail tracks and embankments because of their burrowing.

Although it possible to reduce problems by carrying out shooting, trapping, gassing and snaring the most effective solutions tend to involve environmental management though the installation of rabbit-proof fencing or similar.

Rabbit infestations invariably require an in-depth assessment of the problem and often a combination of strategies to achieve a satisfactory result.

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Mole Control

Mole activity is very unsightly ruining lawns and sports fields as a result of mole hills and tunnels. Their tunnels, in particular, can pose a major hazard in horse paddocks and cattle fields. Control methods include the use of traps and gases.

All work is carried out in accordance with the COSHH regulations (2006) and best practice.

All staff are qualified to RSPH Level II standard and are members of the Basis Prompt scheme for Continual Professional Development, as part of which they undertake regular training and assessment. This ensures that our customers benefit from the best skill, expertise and problem-solving possible.

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