Hide Beetle

The Hide Beetle [Dermestes maculatus] sometimes called the Leather Beetle breed in dried proteins and can be significant pests of hide factories and warehouses, butchers shops, bone/meal factories, poultry houses etc. They often occur in houses living in bird or rodent nests and infesting dead carcasses. Eggs are laid in batches of 200-800, hatching in 1-2 weeks.

Larvae are very active, avoiding light, often being found behind kick plates and under white goods in kitchens. They are brownish with long hairs over the body. Larvae burrow into hard materials to pupate, including wood and even tin.

Heavy infestations can cause considerable damage as a result. Life cycle from egg to adult is approx 8-12 weeks with adults living about 3 months.

Spider Beetle

There are two principal pest species of Spider Beetle namely the Australian Spider Beetle [Ptinus tectus] and the Golden Spider Beetle [Niptus hololeucus]. The name refers to their spider-like appearance but with only six legs they are actually insects.

Slow moving, they play dead when disturbed. They are often associated with bird nests and feed on any dry food matter. Before they pupate the larvae bore holes into items such as cardboard, books and even wood.

Adults can bite holes in carpets and bedding. Larvae can feed on woollens, linens and silks. Depending on species between 30-100 eggs are laid by the female with entire life cycle lasting 3-7 months.

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