The Garden Ant [Lasius niger] is a significant pest in the UK especially where it enters or nests in buildings. In addition three other non-indigenous species occur sometimes: the Rodgers Ant [Hypoponera punctatissima], the Argentine Ant [Iridomyrmex humilis] and the Pharaohs Ant [Monomorium pharaonis].

The Garden Ant is 2-3mm in length, black with elbowed antennae. They are social insects with each colony serving a Queen ant responsible for egg-laying. Most ants are infertile workers but in late summer fertile, winged males and females emerge from the nest before mating.

Males die while the females (new queens) disperse to form new colonies.Many thousands of ants may occupy a nest, living in a well-defined social hierarchy. They feed omnivorously but are particularly attracted to sweet, sugary foods.

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