Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug [Cimex lectularius] is a blood-feeding parasite of man, visiting its host at intervals to feed but spending most of its time hidden away in crevices close by.

The full extent of infestation can be difficult to detemine with insects hidden away under the edges of wallpaper, in light switches and sockets, inside crevices of the bed/headboard and mattress.

Where the level of infestation is high females will often migrate to other areas spreading the infestation to other rooms/properties.

Bed bugs are generally nocturnal and are good climbers. They can withstand prolonged periods of starvation (2-6 months).

Bites can cause skin irritation/infection and loss of sleep. Signs of infestation are live/dead insects, blood spots, faecal marks and cast skins/egg cases.

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