Foxes [Vulpes vulpes] have become a significant pest in urban areas in recent years feeding on discarded take-away food and foraging in bins.

Generally they are nocturnal animals but can increasingly be seen in daytime depending upon the avilability of food. Their presence can be quite alarming especially where a full is present and their digging can cause significant damage in gardens in particular.

Discarded food remains around the den can be very unsightly and can attract other pests. The animals are nocturnal and constantly scent mark their territories.

They are very smelly and can cause significant problems where they gain entry to sub-floor areas because of damaged or missing air vents and bricks.

Although semi solitary sometimes they can be seen in family groups comprising a single male (dog) and several females (vixens).

Mating takes place in December-February with cubs born March-May. Average litter size is 5.

Foxes can often live for approx 9 years. They are omnivorous feeding on small animals, bird eggs, worms and insects as well as fruit.

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