Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrels [Sciurus carolinensis], in contrast to the native red squirrel which is protected, are a significant pest. Introduced from north America towards the end of the nineteenth century, they have largely supplanted our native species.

Problems caused by Grey Squirrels:

In addition to damaging trees by stripping bark they readily enter roof spaces, often gnawing their way in through wooden facia boards, soffits and even through leadwork. They are very destructive often damaging water pipes and electric cables and have been known to cause floods and fires as a result. They also feed on birds eggs.

Grey Squirrels generally have two breeding seasons namely June-September and January-March. In recent years these have become less reliable with some squirrels breeding at other times.

Litters generally number 3-4 young although sometimes as many as 6. They are territorial animals generally inhabiting an area of circa 2km square. In urban areas territories can be significantly reduced.

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