Although Moles [Talpa europaea] belong to the order Insectivore, their staple diet comprises mostly earthworms rather than insects.

They grow up to 15cm in length but they are seldom seen, living almost excusively below ground. Their powerful forelimbs are are especially adapted for burrowing through the earth.

While their senses of sight and hearing are very poor their senses of smell and touch are very well developed. Moles are solitary animals, spending most of their time within their network of tunnels where they forage for food. Excavation of these tunels is what causes the familiar molehills.

It is this activity that, as well as being very unsightly, ruins lawns and sports fields. The tunnels pose a major hazard to horses and cattle.

In Spring male moles invade other tunnel systems seeking females for mating.

Litters number approx 3-5. Young moles emerge once weaned and disperse in order to establish their own territories. Many die from predation at this time being poorly equipped for survival on the surface.

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